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Since 2000, CJB Ventures has been a leading oil, gas and infrastructure construction consulting company providing field level project management and support for all types of projects relating to oil, gas and infrastructure services industries.


CJB Ventures has the ability to draw from several years of oil and gas industry experience with the relationships we have built with our field team as well as strong relationships with other service providers such as contractors and engineering firms.

CJB’s Services include:


Pipeline Construction 


CJB’s pipeline inspection team has the experience to provide a variety of services required for successful projects. This team is fully trained with various regulations and code requirements, including CSA Z662, Level 2 Pipeline Inspection Training, CSA B51/ASME B31.3 and Occupational Health & Safety guidelines for the authority of jurisdiction. Our knowledgeable team is highly familiar with the following processes as outlined by CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers).

  • Ensuring that completed and approved engineering and design drawings and specifications are available for review prior to construction.

  • Creating or verifying all required quality compliance documentation to satisfy regulatory and engineering design requirements.

  • Inspect field fabrication to ensure compliance to design specifications, codes and standards. (i.e. CSA B51, CSA Z662)

  • Liaise between design engineer and project engineer to ensure inspection work is completed as planned.

  • Ensure that individuals involved with special processes such as welding, heat treatment and NDE are qualified and certified in accordance with the requirements.

  • Checking certification and qualifications of personnel to verify demonstrated competency for all critical work.

  • Review and assess owners and contractors quality program to ensure compliance.

  • Generate or ensure generation of Non-conformance reports and assist in development of action plans to resolve.

  • Monitor and promote general awareness and compliance to all owner company and regulatory requirements including; Acts, Regulations, Codes, Specifications, Policies, Procedures and Best Practices.


CJB holds our consultants accountable to understanding and applying ethical actions as it relates to pipeline construction. These shall include;

  • Acting in the public’s best interest

  • Adherence to adopted codes, standards and specifications

  • Acting in a non-discriminatory manner

  • Conduct all activities in a professional and business-like manner

  • Document all critical activities

  • Conduct follow-up inspections as required

  • Send decisions to a higher level (deviations from established (design) codes and policies)

  • Verify designation of prime contractor and inspection reporting hierarchy


Our team has experience with all kinds of installations including but not limited to:

  • On lease single well tie-ins

  • Production gathering systems and de-bottlenecking

  • Sales or mainline production pipelines (6” to 12”)

  • Transmission pipelines (12”, 16”, 18”, 24”, 36”)


Facility Construction 


CJB Ventures has a strong team of facility inspectors with years of experience who have worked on a variety of projects throughout B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba as well as Montana & North Dakota in the USA. Some of the facilities that our company has provided consulting and inspection services for include but are not limited to:

  • Compressor Stations

  • Oil Batteries

  • Treaters, Amine plants, Separators, De-Hy & Refrig Facilities

  • Alkaline Surfactant Polymer (ASP) Flood Facilities

  • Stand Alone Water Disposal Facilities

  • Waste Treatment and Landfill Facilities

  • Full Service Rail Terminals

  • SAGD Facilities

  • Multi-Well Facility Installations


Our team will make sure you get the proper in field support needed to make the project successful.


Lease Construction


Our team of civil consultants are well trained and experienced in a variety of different working environments. No two leases are ever exactly the same. Having over 100 years of combined experience to draw from will help make sure all necessary steps are taken to build an environmentally effective and efficient lease for all types of production facilities. Some of the challenges involved include but are not limited to:

  • Landowner requests

  • Soil types

  • Proper drainage

  • Access over third party pipelines and utilities

  • Power lines

  • County permitting and requests

  • Minimal disturbance leases

  • Ground disturbance

  • Archaeological finds

  • Blasting

  • Environmental agency (who has jurisdiction of authority) Conditions

  • Fencing

  • Security

  • Wildlife etc.

  • Worker Safety

  • Future Remediation


Let us help you get it right the first time.




 CJB Ventures has been involved with many abandonment and discontinuation projects from one well programs to 300 well programs. The key to any successful projects is pre-planning involved prior to commencing any construction activities. We have found great past success when we are involved at the planning stage to help organize the resources and create a schedule which will allow for the efficient execution of the abandonment project. Our consultants are highly skilled at the coordination of ground disturbance activities and fulfilling regulatory requirements. The most cost efficient is to try to minimize the trips required to a lease site. CJB Ventures can help your company obtain phase 2 environmental site assessments after any well abandonment.


Pipeline ROW Inspections 


CJB Ventures has been contracted to fly several kilometers of pipeline ROW’s to inspect them for deficiencies which can include:

  • Inconsistencies in vegetation (dead, changes in color)

  • Slumping or sunken pipeline ditches

  • Production fluids that have surfaced

  • Signs at any crossings, such as fence lines, roads, railways, canals etc.

  • Any other surface abnormalities










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