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Since 2000, CJB Ventures has been a leading oil, gas and infrastructure construction consulting company providing field level project supervision and support for all types of projects relating to oil, gas and infrastructure services industries.


CJB Ventures has the ability to draw from several years of oil and gas industry experience with the relationships we have built with our field team as well as strong relationships with other service providers such as contractors and engineering firms.

CJB’s Services include:


Pipeline Construction 


Mistral Midstream Inc./Pembina Pipeline Corporation – Flat Lake Project

  • 105 km Natural Gas Gathering and Ethane Gas Sales Line in SW Saskatchewan 








Horn River Basin – Multiple Pipelines & Facilities

  • CJB Ventures has provided inspection for several pipeline projects in the Horn River Basin area, scope included: All pipeline construction processes from scouting pipeline right-of-way’s and compressor station locations through to start-up of the well-sites and associated facilities. 








Waskada to Cromer Oil Sales Line – 110km of 8” Steel

  • This sales line was previously built by EOG Resources and is now owned by Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd. 








Waskada to Lyleton Manitoba – 45km of Triple Pipeline (Oil, Gas & Water)

  • Originally built by EOG Resources and now owned by TEML. 







Facility Construction 


Secure Energy Services – Rycroft Rail Trans-loading, Custom Treating & Fluid Disposal Facility

  • Scope of work included inspection of Site/Lease Preparation right through to Facility Start-up. 









Talisman Energy – Instow ASP Flood Facility

  • Scope of work included building complete ASP flood facility onto existing battery in SW Saskatchewan. $35 Million Project. 









Win Energy – Cowley/Todd Creek Custom Compressor Station

  • Facility modifications and 35km 8” Pipeline on the PMI’s Project of the Year Runner Up in 2006. Very sensitive area work on the Eastern Slopes of Southern Alberta. 










Lease Construction


Have supplied consulting for numerous types of Oil & Gas development Leases and Well Pads over the years in different variations of terrain











Provident Energy Ltd

  • Approx. 150 Pipeline Abandonments and Discontinuations in Southern Alberta.








EOG Resources

  • Over 350 production wells and associated pipeline abandoned in one project in Southern Alberta.









Pipeline ROW Inspections 


For the last several years we have been contracted by oil & gas producing companies to fly all of their owned and operated pipeline right-of-ways in the southern Alberta area to check and report on any surface abnormalities. 












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