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Pipeline Construction 


CJB’s pipeline inspection team has the experience to provide a variety of services required for successful projects. This team is fully trained with various regulations and code requirements, including CSA Z662, Level 2 Pipeline Inspection Training, CSA B51/ASME B31.3 and Occupational Health & Safety guidelines for the authority of jurisdiction. Our knowledgeable team is highly familiar with the following processes as outlined by CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers).

  • Ensuring that completed and approved engineering and design drawings and specifications are available for review prior to construction.

  • Creating or verifying all required quality compliance documentation to satisfy regulatory and engineering design requirements.

  • Inspect field fabrication to ensure compliance to design specifications, codes and standards. (i.e. CSA B51, CSA Z662)

  • Liaise between design engineer and project engineer to ensure inspection work is completed as planned.

  • Ensure that individuals involved with special processes such as welding, heat treatment and NDE are qualified and certified in accordance with the requirements.

  • Checking certification and qualifications of personnel to verify demonstrated competency for all critical work.

  • Review and assess owners and contractors quality program to ensure compliance.

  • Generate or ensure generation of Non-conformance reports and assist in development of action plans to resolve.

  • Monitor and promote general awareness and compliance to all owner company and regulatory requirements including; Acts, Regulations, Codes, Specifications, Policies, Procedures and Best Practices.


CJB holds our consultants accountable to understanding and applying ethical actions as it relates to pipeline construction. These shall include;

  • Acting in the public’s best interest

  • Adherence to adopted codes, standards and specifications

  • Acting in a non-discriminatory manner

  • Conduct all activities in a professional and business-like manner

  • Document all critical activities

  • Conduct follow-up inspections as required

  • Send decisions to a higher level (deviations from established (design) codes and policies)

  • Verify designation of prime contractor and inspection reporting hierarchy


Our team has experience with all kinds of installations including but not limited to:

  • On lease single well tie-ins

  • Production gathering systems and de-bottlenecking

  • Sales or mainline production pipelines (6” to 12”)

  • Transmission pipelines (12”, 16”, 18”, 24”, 36”)

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